Reseller agreements in the USA

Jim Doerr @ 928Classics and Roger Tyson of 928sRus in the USA are now Resellers of the Illumin8 Flexifoil Circuit Boards for the Porsche 928.  928classics is the reseller for the 1978 and the 1982 thru 1984, while 928sRus is the reseller for the 1978 flexifoil.    

25th Anniversary Weekend meet October 7th – 8th October 2023

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary, Saturday saw some 40 928’s for the lunch time meet at the Merry Miller near Abingdon – Oxford for an afternoon bash followed by an overnight stay in Chipping Norton for a jolly booze up. Sunday saw some 20 928’s blast off around the Oxfordshire country side stopping off at […]

Porsche 928 1978 Flexi-foil Circuit Board Ready For Testing

Porsche 928 1978 Re-manufactured Flexi-foil Circuit Board

Porsche 928  1978 Flexi-Foil Circuit Board, Part Number 928 641 923 00 which is NLA from Porsche is now ready for its final testing before it will be available to order. Looking forward to seeing this Flexi-foil in operation. This will be a game changer for owners with these early cars!      

Simply Porsche

Porsches a Beaulieu

Simply Porsche 4th June 2023 Beaulieu motor museum “Great turnout for simply Porsche this year with over 30 Porsche 928s gathered. Good coverage of nearly all models and variants. Great to see and perfect weather too.

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