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Illumin8 was established in 2020 for the design and remanufacture of the Porsche 928 Dashboard circuit boards that are no longer available from Porsche.


These circuits form part of the heart of the car’s control system and are required to be fully functioning. The aftermarket dashboard circuit boards are redesigned using current manufacturing technology and state-of-the- art materials. All additional components are sourced from electronic distributors and conform to the latest legislation. The aftermarket circuit boards are supplied as a complete assembly that can be swapped out as a complete plug-and-play system solution. Currently, the 1978-1979 and the 1982-1984 circuit boards are No Longer Available and are now remanufactured to fill the void that has been left.

Available now

Whilst primarily focused on the remanufacture of the dashboard circuit boards, when it comes to the instrument cluster, illumin8 is happy to discuss your needs and requirements about instrument overhaul, Odometer gear replacement and general preventive maintenance to keep your instrument clusters in tip-top condition. 

Please contact illumin8 to discuss your needs.

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If you’ve got a question or require further information, Illumin8 would love to hear from you – just complete the form and we’ll get right back to you with the information that you require.

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